Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Dimension "Revolution"

Country: USA
Genre(s)Progressive Metal
LabelNightmare Records
FormatCD, digital
Release dateNovember 18, 2014
  1. The Source 6:30
  2. Pale Horse 6:51
  3. The Waltz of Death 8:06
  4. New Day 5:21
  5. Tears and Blood 7:20
  6. Resistance 6:15
  7. Welcome to America 4:53
  8. Eleanor Rigby 2:08
  1. Angel 6:34
  2. Human Device 4:51
  3. The End of All Things 8:49
  4. War Dream 19:21
  5. Immigrant Song 2:22
David Quicho - Vocals & Guitars
Mane Cabrales - Drums
Edgar Allan - Bass

They play a heavy yet melodic brand of progressive metal, and Revolution is a double disc with over 90 minutes of music.
With The Source, it begins with a haunting piano, with Quicho's vocals coming in shortly after. His vocals use an almost phaser like effect, which can sound a little weird to someone not used to it. Though soon afterwards he shows his strong vocal range. The next two songs offer something a little bit different, with a huge melodic chorus during Pale Horse that showcases some great drumming from Cabrales and vocals from Quicho. With a little title like The Waltz Of Death you might expect a symphonic intro, and it does, with a waltz to boot! After that intro, the song is a big melodic song with some nice guitar solos, and tempo changes as well. New Day is a haunting slower melodic song, that really highlights Quicho song. This song you will either love or hate his vocals, but the vocal melody matches the song perfectly. Some great instrumentation as well mid song, and an added heaviness heard midway adds a dynamic to the song. Tears of Blood and The Resistance are two mid to faster paced songs, with the latter having a great straight-ahead guitar riff, that easily induces headbanging. The added keyboards in the beginning of The Resistance definitely gives the song a progressive feel to it. Some great drumming, with certain notes being accented more than others, gives the song an aggressive feeling, though the song itself is very melodic. Welcome To America is a song you will want to listen to the lyrics for, especially if you live in America. The last song on disc one is a cover of The Beatles classic, Eleanor Rigby. While this song has been covered numerous times, I really did enjoy this progressive metal take on it. At just barely over two minutes long, it definitely is short and sweet.
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Pale Horse

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