Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Colosseum "Time On Our Side"

Country: UK
Sub GenreProgressive Rock, Hard Rock, Blues
LabelRuf Records
Release dateNovember 11, 2014
01. Safe As Houses - 04:31
02. Blues To Music - 04:55
03. The Way You Waved Goodbye - 05:10
04. Dick’s Licks - 04:28
05. City of Love - 05:43
06. Nowhere to Be Found - 04:10
07. You Just Don’t Get It - 06:28
08. New Day - 03:53
09. Anno Domini - 06:04
10. Morning Story - 07:22

Dave Greenslade – Hammond organ, grand piano
Jon Hiseman – drums, cymbals
Dave "Clem" Clempson – guitar, Fender Rhodes piano, backing vocals
Mark Clarke – bass, vocals
Chris Farlowe – vocals
Barbara Thompson – saxophones

To play a new Colosseum album is to step into the unknown. Anything could happen. All bets are off. While less questing bands are content to issue fading photocopies of their best-selling work, latest album Time On Our Side is the sound of old friends embarking on new adventures. We never try to recreate the past, says drummer Jon Hiseman, who co-founded the pioneering British group in 1968. So the music has changed again, and anyone hoping for Son of Valentyne is in for a shock. Having said that, I think Colosseum sounds like no other band. This unlikely collection of writers and performers seems to have a ‘Colosseum’ effect on the music…

Released on Ruf Records in November 2014, Time On Our Side walks a creative tightrope, stretching the genre-blurring band’s palette while always showing their inimitable thumbprint. The jiving jump-blues of City Of Love. The shape-shifting jazz of Dick’s Licks. The stacked harmonies of You Just Don’t Get It. The melancholy ache of New Day. It feels like Colosseum, even if it doesn’t always sound like them. Hiseman cites the original mission-statement as rocky, jazzy rhythms, vocals with intelligent words, improvised solos – but in truth, there’s not a pigeonhole in the world that can contain them.
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