Friday, November 28, 2014

Pavlov's Dog "The Pekin Tapes"

Country: USA
Genre(s)Progressive Rock
LabelRockville Music
FormatCD, digital
Release dateNovember 28, 2014
  1. Subway Sue - 5:52
  2. Natchez Trace - 3:57
  3. Time - 5:24
  4. Stomp water magic - 3:50
  5. It's all for you - 5:21
  6. Song dance - 5:48
  7. Dreams - 4:58
  8. Clipper ship - 5:32
  9. Fast gun - 3:35
  10. Preludin & fellacio in E minor - 7:29
  11. Brand new day   (demo) - 3:33
  12. Natchez Trace   (demo) - 4:06
  13. Fast gun   (demo) - 3:41
  14. I wish it would rain   (demo) - 5:05
David Surkamp - Vocals, Guitar
David Hamilton - Keyboards, Vocals
Dough Rayburn - Mellotron, Keyboards
Sigfried Carver - Violin
Rick Stockton - Bass, Vocals
Mike Safron - Drums, Vocals
Steve Scorfina - Guitars, Vocals

Barely anybody knows that by the time Pavlov's Dog's iconic debut album “Pampered Menial“ was released in 1975, the band had already recorded a full album nearly two years earlier. The untitled album, therefor just called the “Pekin Tapes“, was recorded in just three days in October 1973 at Golden Voice Stodio in Pekin/IL and was originally designated to become the band's debut album. But destiny had a different plan.
When ABC Records listened to the “Pekin Tapes“, they signed the band, but instead of releasing the “Pekin Tapes“, they sent the band back to the studio.
Listening to the “Pekin Tapes“, one gets an impression of the early Pavlov's Dog's origin, with no external producers to answer to and no label or management limiting the freedom of their musical creativity.
In retrospect, the contrast to “Pampered Menial” is endlessly facinating: The “Pekin Tapes” include the original versions of five tracks later included on “Pampered Menial” in much different, re-recorded versions. The other five songs were not respected for “Pampered Menial” (incl. two tracks sung by D. Surkamp, two sung by D. Hamilton and one by S. Scorfina). The 8-minute masterpiece “Preludin & Fellacio in E minor“ was shortened to just a 1.5 minute intro “Preludin” on “Pampered Menial”.

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