Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Taproban "Strigma"

Country: Italy
Sub GenreSymphonic
Release dateDecember 10, 2013
1. La Porta Nel Buio (15:39)
2. Lo Sguardo Di Emily (8:28)
3. Nesia Al Notturno Congresso Delle Streghe (18:41)

Gianluca De Rossi: Keyboards, Vocals
Roberto Vitelli: Bass, Guitar, Bass Pedals Synthesizer
Fabio Agresta: Drums & Percussionsrums

STRIGMA from the two latin words strix (witch) and stigma (brand) “The brand of the Witch”. It will start with the track Nesia al notturno congresso delle streghe, about a 12 years old girl processed and condemned to death by the Saint Inquisition as a Demon slave, after having occasionally taken part to a Sabbath. Beautiful and terrible, she will rise again from her own hushes, like a Phoenix, to revenge herself against her dull and bigoted persecutors. In Lo sguardo di Emily the Fire turns on as Love and Passion. A girl and a boy are railing on parallels railways, but in opposite directions. Watching out the train windows, they look at each other in just one moment and they fall in love… The track is the story of that moment… The third track is a suite titled La porta nel buio, and it’s about loneliness, considered as a place to find ourselves and an opportunity to mature and fortify our own convictions and intentions.

Lo Sguardo Di Emily

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