Sunday, December 1, 2013

Tirill "Um Himinjodur"

Country: Norway
Sub GenreProg Folk
Label: self-released
Release date: November 30, 2013
1. Voluspa (3:08)
2. Chariot (3:46)
3. Fagrar Enn Sol (2:56)
4. Serpent (4:40)
5. Muzzled (4:56)
6. Moira (4:46)
7. The Poet (5:04)
8. In Their Eyes (9:25)
9. Quiet Night (3:07)

Tirill Mohn (ex-White Willow) - vocals, acoustic guitars, violin, Mellotron, keyboards, percussion
Sigrun Eng - cello
Jan Tariq Rui-Rahman - vocals, recorder, Hammond organ
Nils Einar Vinjor - electric guitars
Edvin Syren - bass
Audun Kjus - fute
Klearchos Korkovelos - cimbalom
Kostas Stefanopoulos - additional vocals
Tonje Ettesvoll - additional vocals
Alexander Stenerud - vocals
Susanne Fuhr - additional vocals
Dagfinn Hobæk, Dagfinn Koch, Malin Kjelsrud

Like the previous releases, the music exists in a vivid, acoustic soundscape with harmonious cello and Mellotron arrangements, beguiling electric guitars, dynamic percussion and enchanting vocal harmonies. World elements stretch from Norse Mythology through Mediterranean instrumentation, to a universal sound picture with a core of Nordic melancholy - all in a delicate mix of folk, progrock and ambient music.
`Um Himinjodur' is a journey into the world and basic values of the songwriter, with an underlying question for thought: how would we shape the world, if it was re-created right now, right in front of our eyes? Which values would we hold on to, and which traditions would we discard? What would we consider significant, and what insignificant? Would we choose to develop ourselves and the world differently, or would we run the same show? `Um Himinjodur' is a musical attempt to behold the world in such a moment, from a totally apolitical and non-religious perspective, but perhaps giving some thought on what could have been different - if we listened more closely to the primal/primitive force of our origins. The album cover reflects this in a series of photos of stones in different shapes from ancient times, one picture for each lyric, where the stone is the symbol of archaic force and wisdom. 

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