Thursday, December 5, 2013

Kimi Karki "The Bone Of My Bones"

Country: Finland
Sub GenreProg Folk, Ambient, Acoustic
LabelSvart Records
Release dateDecember 5, 2013
01. I Am Aries
02. Red Rooster
03. Young Goodman Brown
04. My Name Is Free
05. The Lord Who Never Sleeps
06. Archipelago
07. Taxiarch

Kimi Karki (Orne) - guitars, vocals, keyboards, bass
Mat McNerney - vocals on Archipelago
John Richardson - vocals
Anna-Elena Paakkola - vocals
Pirita Kankanen - vocals

The Bone of My Bones is Karki’s debut solo CD, and its principal genre is experimental folk music. Metalheads expecting any type of brutality should be warned that this record is definitely not for them, but fans of folk experimentalism, progressive ambiance, and more traditional folk music will enjoy this release. I would venture to say that there is very little that is metallic on here, but The Bone of My Bones is a bold voice in today’s contemporary venue of self-stylized crap.
Read the full review by Octavio Ramos at examiner.com

I Am Aries


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