Saturday, December 21, 2013

Accolade "Legends"

Country: USA
Sub GenreGothic, Prog Folk
Release dateDecember 21, 2013
1. Gelfling Song - 1:58
2. Elf King - 5:22
3. Hymn to the Moon Goddess - 2:24
4. The Journey - 11:54
5. The Lady of Shalott - 20:55

Stefanie Reneé: vocals, recorder, tambourine
Aaron Goldstein: organ, keyboards, guitars, mandolin
Cade Burkhammer: drums, percussion
Mark Glisez: trumpet (2,5) , flugelhorn (2)
Nathan Wetter: backing vocals (4)

Combining the genres of; Gothic, Medieval and Progressive music, it is really a wonderful mixture of the three combined into one from an upcoming band from San Francisco that just completely took me by surprise. Accolade is a trio that launched seven years ago and their music is mysterious, haunting, and hypnotic. Their new album, Legends, released last year, was inspired by their visit to the Chalice Well, also known as Avalon, which is at the foot of the Glastonbury Tor in the countryside of Somerset, England.

And this album is a dedication to the legends of not just King Arthur, but dedicated to the painting of the Lady of Shallot and the poetry by Alfred Lord Tennyson. The history of the place in which they have gathered for tourists to find peace, healing, and inspiration in which the album has a lot of the storytelling in their music based on the medieval tales that is straight out of the 12th century as they go back in time to tell it as short stories that two of the tracks clock in at 11 and 20-minutes almost as if it’s a medieval prog-folk opera that is well structured.
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Elf King
The Lady of Shalott: Part the Second (radio edit)

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