Sunday, December 22, 2013

Elegy of Madness "Brave Dreams"

Country: Italy
Sub GenreSymphonic/Gothic/Progressive Metal
Release dateDecember 22, 2013
1. Suad 05:27
2. Sinner 04:33
3. For You 05:18
4. Run Away 04:13
5. Brave Dreams 04:45
6. Red Dust 04:49
7. Into the Tale 01:42
8. The Sacred Wiillow 05:15
9. Holding Your Hand 04:54
10. 21st March 05:30
11. Uomo 04:06

Anja Irullo : Voice
Tony Tomasicchio : Guitars and Backing Vocals
Luca Basile : Keyboards , cello and orchestra
Alex Martina : Bass
Lorenzo Chiafele : Drums

I don't get to do a lot of good female fronted symphonic metal bands these days. That's why when I get an exciting young band like Elegy of Madness I get pretty excited. Their new record Brave Dreams is a powerful and promising record that shows a band filled with energy and potential. With fresh ideas and mighty guitar parts that fill Elegy of Madness with a glorious and triumphant Iron Maiden style of bombast. The band know how to craft tracks that reach out and touch the soul with their unrepentant and crushing heavy metal magic.
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