Friday, December 13, 2013

Midnight Moodswings "The Surrogate Piano"

Country: USA
Sub GenreAmbient, Classical, Post Rock
Release date December 12, 2013
  1. The Elated 03:57
  2. Sleep, Tired 03:22
  3. Only You Can Hurt 03:13
  4. Indecent Mathematics 03:53
  5. Interlude- Hell's teeth 02:03
  6. The Revolting Abstract 02:51
  7. Trapped in Recurrence 03:57
  8. My Friend, The Surrogate 03:16
  9. My Infernal Monologues 03:42
  10. A Clockwork Must Tire 03:55
  11. Interlude- The Patterns In Sleep 02:08
  12. Stay Awake 03:44.
  13. Only You Can Heal 04:52
  14. Everything Worth Waiting For 03:17
  15. Nocturnesque 05:25

The album is full of minimalistic compositions, which come with a melody, alter that along the way to something different. Sometimes going to same places, since there is only one place and that is one’s heart. Minimalistic chord progressions are used to maximum effect. The band have been experimeting with this idea of minimalism for a while now, as we have heard similar ideas on older albums. And it sounds so natural now. It’s a symbol in their alphabet, it exists in their language.
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