Friday, December 13, 2013

Bookakee "Whorrific"

Country: Canada
Sub Genre Tech/Extreme, Progressive Metal
Release dateDecember 13, 2013
  1. Intro 00:23
  2. A Night To Dismember 04:40
  3. Whorrific 04:12
  4. Return Of The Loving Dead 03:42
  5. Perverted Monolith (Feat. Crook from Valfreya) 04:54
  6. Bookakee Blast 06:20
  7. Muerte Peluda 03:31
  8. DBS 00:44
  9. Insulated Room 04:50
  10. Carcass Coffin 06:27
  11. DK 05:13
  12. Usurper 04:35
  13. Invasion Of The Depraved 08:20
  14. A.A.Acoustic 04:50
Phil Langelier - Vocals
SP Gagnon - Lead Guitar
Mat Paré - Rythm Guitar
Jo David - Bass
JP Bouchard - Drums

Raunchy vocals over some of the weirdest yet grasping guitar playing I’ve heard since Rings of Saturn’s “Dingir”. It’s catchy yet highly technical and awe inspiring. Yet, within a split second the gang can turn it around and make a proggy/groove fuck fest. Spanning over many genres, this group can nail the heavy aspects as well as the smooth groove. What I admire the most from these guys is their awkward sound. From the writing down to the production, it doesn’t sound over produced and it sounds just right. In the mood for proggy technical death grind? I wasn’t either until I pushed play.
The album art, band name and album name just made me think this was going to be purely a cookie cutter slam band. Do not judge the music by it’s artwork though as they push the limits as to what is normal and what is even good. I’m still unsure what I heard but it’s definitely something I can wrap my head around. Enjoyable and exciting to listen to. (headbangorgtfo.com)


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