Saturday, December 14, 2013

Clad in Darkness "Decathect"

Country: USA
Sub GenreBlack Metal, Post Rock/Metal
Release dateDecember 14, 2013
  1. Foreword 09:18
  2. Revelries & Silence 07:20
  3. Nepenthe 13:14
  4. Undulations 08:50
  5. Deluge 08:01
  6. Forestall 06:02
  7. Unrest 16:38
Brian Rendina - Drums & Guitar
Casey Hogan - Voice
Chris Shive - Bass
Coy Scottberg - Guitar, Voice & Lyrics
John Benter - Guitar
Carter Page and Jon Rosenthal - Additional clean voice and guitar on Undulations

The album featured raw production and some of the standard black metal fare, but also included progressive passages that switched up to prettier moods. In a sense coming off as sort of “Emperor meets Opeth and Agalloch” sound with a hint of Kayo Dot to taste. Often throwing in dreamy, clean passages and bluesy solo work which kept things from ever feeling particularly monotonous.   In their full length Decathect, they continue and expand upon these ideas. Throwing in more wandering post rock and enhancing the entire package with cleaner production.
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