Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Moonlight Circus "Madness in Mask"

Country: Italy
Sub GenreProgressive Metal
LabelIceWarrior Records
Release dateDecember 2013
1. Follia 01:24
2. The Duel (Back from the Edge of Time) 04:40
3. Moutains of Madness 05:56
4. Winter Masquerade 08:10
5. Lord of Sands 06:02
6. Twilight Sky (Children of the Rainbow) 05:38
7. Wind of Solitude 09:02
8. Gabriel 11:33

Emanuele Cendron - Vocals
Paolo Viani - Guitars
Gianluca Tassi - Bass
Daniele Soravia "The Druid" - Keyboards
Salvatore Bonaccorso - Drums

 The sound of the new album is still clearly tagged by the 90’s Progressive Metal with some weird atmospheres, bombastic arrangements, harmonized choirs and a strong focus on the melodic hooks think HOUSE OF SPIRIT meets late SAVATAGE meets ROUGH SILK and updated with some subtle Neo-Classical influences that reminds me compatriots of ARACHNES.
The short opening track “Follia” and the subsequent cut right after are displaying a strong Romantic & Baroque feel before kicking into a Malmsteenian hi-speed riffage in the legendary RISING FORCE’s “Trilogy”/“Odyssey” fashion, this song is however the sole True Neo Classical tune but I love it , the remaining numbers are less typical, and way more complex or Proggy (“Twilight Sky” & “Wind Of Solitude” are utterly impressive too ). “Mountain Of Madness” brings something still very intense but more intriguing in the contemporary LABYRYNTH powerful way, with fast pace and haunted layers of vocals.
The playing level is really high and the creative ideas are numerous, unfortunately the production is a little in the sub standards of the sound quality of most of their contestants, but anyway the listening experience is still rich and entertaining, most of the time the vocals are very good, and quite a bit theatrical and the duality between the keys and lead shredding guitar parts are spectacular and dynamic. (metal-temple.com)
Lord Of Sands


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