Sunday, February 17, 2013

Verbal Delirium "From the Small Hours of Weakness"

Country: Greece
Sub GenreAlternative, Art Rock
Release dateFebruary 17, 2013
1. 10.000 Roses (05:20)
2. Desire (05:21)
3. Erebus (00:49)
4. Dance Of The Dead (02:52)
5. The Losing Game (08:54)
6. Disintegration (04:57)
7. Dance Of The Dead (Reprise) (00:38)
8. Sudden Winter (08:24)
9. Aeons (12:44)
Part 1: In The Dream Room
Part 2: Roaming In Chaos

Jargon - Piano, Synthesizers, Monotron, Mellotron, Organ, Lead and Backing vocals,
Nikitas Kissonas - Electric and Acoustic Guitar, Mandolin
Enthralling Kernel G - Drums
La Trappe - Bass
Leonidas Petropoulos - Bass
Labros Matopoulos - Trumpet
Anastasis Hamilakis - Organ, Synthesizer
Nikos Nikolopoulos (Ciccada) - Flute, Saxophone

There are many reasons for me to state this from the start, but I feel that this particular album deserves to be considered a modern classic for Greek (and European, for that matter) contemporary progressive rock scene. It has all the ingredients to be considered such: diversity, emotion, richness, melody and brilliantly song architectures. And then the playing is simply stellar all through the whole event.
Let me start by saying that this band has been able to create a sound of their own, even though I'll try to guide the reader by using other bands to serve as comparison analysis. I will do so just to try and give some background, as trully this album must be experienced and every listener taking its own conclusions about where the music stands.
I will not be talking about an extra complex album, or about overwhelming solos and fireworks. I will, though, be talking about the sheer capacity to create melodies, enthrall instrumental interplay and enrapture pure emotions and delightful moments. And in all these chapters Verbal Delirium deliver in big doses and great style. And then there is the aspect of the band being able to display different approaches and capture apart solutions while maintaining a quality and balance that is uncommon and difficult to achieve.
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