Friday, February 1, 2013

Dino Fiore "Fleur Folia"

Country: Italy
Sub GenreJazz-Rock/Fusion
Label: Electromantic Music
Release date: February 1, 2013
1 Crepuscolo Mediorientale  2:15
2 Walking In Nagoya 6:26
3 Tower In the Sea 3:40
4 Voice Without Time 5:03
5 BASSFOLIA n.1 1:58
6 The Long Red Train 6:56
7 BASSFOLIA n.2  1:47
8 Sahara Coffee 7:59
9 BASSFOLIA n.3 1:23
10 Moonless Land 5:52
11 Nuages 8:09
12 BASSFOLIA n.4 2:48
13 Rituale 6:29
14 BASSFOLIA n.5 3:04
15 Il Mondo Di Giovanni Faga 6:54

Dino Fiore (Il Castello di Atlante) - bass
Beppe Crovella - keyboards
Mattia Garimanno (Il Castello di Atlante) - drums
Luigi Ranghino (ex-Il Castello di Atlante) - piano
Andrea Buffa - sax
Iano Nicolo (Arti & Mestieri) - vocals
Jacopo Garimanno - guitar.

Dino Fiore is the bassist of Progressive band "Castello di Atlante", one of the most significant Italian groups in the genre. The CD reflects the alternative personality of eclectic bassist Dino Fiore, in a totally different dimension from "Castello di Atlante", delving into jazz-rock, experimentation, in the unpredictability. The artistic production and the sound image is created by Beppe Crovella around the ideas and the personality of Dino Fiore: the mix of these two makes a unique record. The "jazz-rock" album is original, unexpected. It has been highly praised by Soft Machine Legacy that have been in the neighbouring studio during the recording. Each piece is ... a painting, a scene in a sort of suite, a "talkie", conceptually linked to unpredictability and surprise. 
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