Friday, February 22, 2013

Kovlo "Tutti Giu - Everybody Sometimes Falls"

Country: Switzerland
Sub Genreinstrumental , Post Rock, Soundtrack
Release dateFebruary 21, 2013
1. Prologue (0:40)
2. End Titles (2:09)
3. Innocence Lost (2:09)
4. Youth (5:23)
5. The Artwork (1:37)
6. Two Worlds Encounter (2:00)
7. E.'s Journey (10:36)
8. Gladiators (Oaxaca Revisited) (4:06)
9. Snow (0:32)
10. Mahler's Alternative Take (5:56)
11. Night Lights (2:29)

Stefano Chiassai - guitars
Alessio Galupi - drums
Giona Mattei - bass
Mario Bisignani - guitars

Called to compose the original soundtrack, KOVLO begin to imagine and create new sounds while reading the script. They discover the story of three young people that life puts to a severe test: can they achieve self-awareness, and still nurture that sacred flame which makes them feel alive? It is a massive challenge, which each must face alone between dreams and fears, successes and defeats.
For the band this time it doesn’t mean to build musical movements meant only to be listened, but to compose multiple and different soundscapes, starting from a common atmosphere that creates new themes, emotions and meanings emerging from the movie. KOVLO are stimulated by the director to compose joyful and happy music, able to express the desire of life from the youngsters, but also to compose melancholic and alienated tunes, able to express the lost childhood and the difficulties of growing up and fit in society.
Many songs are played, arranged and recorded while the movie sequences are projected in front of the band, and will converge directly in the soundtrack. Other songs are rebuilt and rearranged thinking at the album. The final result is a musical journey able to tell stories and emotions to the listener.


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