Friday, February 22, 2013

Terra Tenebrosa "The Purging"

Country: Sweden
Sub GenrePost Metal, Avant Prog
LabelTrust No One Records
Release dateFebruary 22, 2013
1. The Redeeming Teratoma (2:48)
2. The Compression Chamber (3:47)
3. Black Pearl In A Crystalline Shell (6:59)
4. House Of Flesh (3:11)
5. The Nucleus Turbine (6:59)
6. The Purging (7:46)
7. Terra Tenebrosa (4:25)
8. At The Foot Of The Tree (2:32)
9. Disintegration (6:49)
10. The Reave (2:34)

The Cuckoo - vocals
Hibernal - various instruments
Hisperdal - various instruments

Terra Tenebrosa translates to “Dark Earth” or “Dark Land,” and so “The Purging” would be… well it’s us. Humanity. This is an album about the purging of all of the life on earth... No, this isn’t some folk-like dark trippy hippy shit, this is Avant-Garde rooted in the abyssopelagic* Black Metal, mixing in the weapons of Dark Ambient, Post-Black and Sludge. This isn’t just black metal, this is conceptual black metal, and they’ll use anything they can to immerse you in their world, descending you into the dark reality of a systematic xenocide of humanity.
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