Friday, February 15, 2013

The Lidocaine "On The Road To Miero"

Country: Finland
Sub GenreHard Rock, Progressive Rock
LabelInverse Records
Release dateFebruary 15, 2013
1. Life is Beautiful
2. Personally Sick Skin
3. Bring Back The Pain
4. The Tail
5. Guilty
6. Reach
7. On The Road To Miero
8. Disgust
9. Save Me From Myself
10. Wrong
11. Saving Wing (Or maybe a Devils thing)

Anthony Rausku – Vocals / Guitar
Eroz – Vocals / Guitar
Jura Sarlin - Bass
Jari Vanhanen - Drums

This Finnish quartet The Lidocaine presents an intriguing blend of bluesy, dirt-incrusted hard rock with progressive elements on their second album "On the Road to Miero". The 11 songs on this record fuse the oddball elements of say System of a Down or Faith No More against the straight forward power of acts like King's X, The Foo Fighters, and slightly doomier/ stoner rock influences. The hysterical vocals from guitarist Anthony Rausku and his partner in crime guitarist Eroz give songs such as "Bring Back the Pain" and "Save Me from Myself" kind of a self-deprecating element that is part humorous and off the beaten path.
I can see many championing this album while others will be turned off by the vocals. Such polarizing strengths and weaknesses leave me with this average feeling- and could affect their ultimate longevity in this business. "Disgust" has this eerie build up and simplified, head down rhythmic groove- a banner cut to let The Lidocaine fly the freak flag at you from a vocal and musical perspective. At other times I feel like they extend riffs for far too long when a streamlined approach could develop a killer final outcome- the 7:43 "Wrong" dragging a touch in the mid-section with too many riffs spoiling the mood.
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