Thursday, February 14, 2013

Emphasis "Gliding Over All"

Country: Croatia
Sub GenrePost Metal, Post Rock
LabelGeenger Records
Release dateFebruary 14, 2013
1. Alda (4:04)
2. Every Storm Keeps A Secret (5:47)
3. Sun Falls Earth Rises (8:32)
4. Animals (7:44)
5. Tonight We Ride Ghost Horses (7:18)
6. Some Places Take Places (2:44)
7. Enter The Signs (5:57)
8. Mura (3:22)

Danko Žganec - guitar
Ivan Pleh - bass
Radovan Železnjak  - drums
KUD Katruže Žiškovec: vocals on "Mura"
Tomislav Tompa Novosel: acoustic guitar on "Mura"

Emphasis ... bring to the table a beautiful mix of atmospheric post-rock blended with segments of post-metal intensity. The band makes excellent use of samples throughout their music and while frequent, always seem to shed light behind the song’s meanings and convey emotion. Actually, I think that the band’s choice of samples is what helps them stick out among the crowd and make their songs just a little more unique. That’s not to say that the band’s raw talent isn’t the driving force behind their material, because there is definitely a strong level of musical craftsmanship to be found on their latest release ‘Gliding All Over‘
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