Thursday, February 14, 2013

Robert John Godfrey "The Art Of Melody"

Country: UK
Sub GenreSymphonic
LabelOperation Seraphim
Release dateFebruary 14, 2013
01. Cogenhoe Gallivant
02. English Rhapsody
03. Mirror Of Love
04. Five Gemstones
05. Intermezzo
06. Art Of Melody
07. Mirror Of Love [with the The City Of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra]
08. Art of Melody [with the The City Of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra]

Robert John Godfrey

Presenting an album of romantic music for piano and orchestra accessible to all, yet wholly uncompromising in its content. Of the eight compositions, some are rooted in Robert John Godfrey's past, containing themes and motifs to which he has often returned. Godfrey’s albums with The Enid have nearly always contained a ‘Robert John Godfrey’s Corner’ – a track which is romantic, powerful and orchestral in conception. The tone of the ‘Art of Melody’ album, whilst being far from sentimental, is often bitter sweet, sad and joyful, melodic and occasionally violent. From the large-scale virtuoso piece: ‘Cogenhoe Gallivant’, to the gentler: ‘Intermezzo’ – the album showcases Godfrey’s talents beautifully.
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