Friday, February 15, 2013

SBS (Spicy bits of Scandal) “Heaven can wait...”

Country: Lithuania
Sub GenreProgressive Metal
LabelHeart of Steel Records/Defox Records
Release date: February 15, 2013
01. The Journey Begins
02. Bloody wedding
03. Against the whole world
04. Scream from hell
05. Puer Malus – You are the witch
06. The Judgement
07. Cinderella
08. Samhein
09. The Abyss
10. Kiss of Judas
11. Religion of Rock
12. House of the evil
13. Danse Macabre
14. Fallen angel
15. Waiting on dark
16. Don’t torture me (Bonus track)

Vitalis  Kairiūkštis – Vocals
Kostas Balčiūnas - All guitars
Martynas Garbačas - Bass guitar
Vaidotas Segenis - Drums
Maestro Mistheria, Ferdy Doernberg, Dainius Pulauskas - Keyboards
Vitalis Kairiūkštis, Ieva Kairiūkštytė - Back vocals

SBS aren’t your average type Heavy Metal band as they share a variety of elements taken from Progressive Rock, Art Rock and 80s oriented Heavy Metal. There is a positive flow in their material; it has its own catchy lines, with elegant implementations of the assortment of genres infused together and a songwriting type that showed plenty of experience and maturity. There have been several junctures where I noticed a bit of Symphony X, Avantasia, Royal Hunt and later Kamelot, especially with the type of modern edge, heavy guitar riffing inspired by past examples, a pleasant soloing showcase, an impressive keyboards orchestrations made by the professional hands of Mistheria & Ferdy Doernberg (Serving as the album's guest artists), and a frequently tight rhythm section displaying more than the average structures. However, SBS's longstanding frontman, the band's perpetual spinal cord and nerve system, Don Vito, with his distinct voice pattern, and occasionally hefty Lithuanian accent, noted the difference in the band's musical viewpoint. It would perhaps take some time to adjust your ears to his style of singing, but in time it will be evident that his fermentation with the music is so soothing.
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