Thursday, February 28, 2013

Five-Storey Ensemble “Not That City"

Country: Belarus
Sub GenreAvant Prog, Classical, Chamber
Label AltrOck
Release date: February 27, 2013
1 - The Harbinger
2 - Bondman's wings
3 - The Incommunication
4 – To Ringfly
5 - Disappearing road
6 - The Unpainted
7 - Yesterday Dormant
8 - The Protector
9 - Fear-Dream
10 - Amid The Smoke And Different Questions
11 - Not That City

Vitaly Appow - bassoon, saxes;
Alexander But'ko - accordion;
Andrey Evdokimov - acoustic and electric guitars;
Natalja Malashkova - oboe;
Olga Podgaiskaja - piano, keyboards, vocal;
Olga Polakova - flute;
Anastasia Popova - violin;
Nikolay Semitko - drums, percussion;
Sergey Dolgushev - vocal.
Vyacheslav Plesko — doublebass
      With the assistance of:
Dmitry Maslovsky - bass guitar
Jury Korogoda — guitar electric (tracks 6,9)
Cirill Christia — violin (tracks 6,8,9)
Nadia Christia — cello (tracks 6,9,11)

After Rational Diet’s experience, Five-Storey Ensemble is born. Several members of the band from Belarus – they shocked the avant-prog world with At Work and On Phenomena and Existences – take part to the project. In an extended line-up, the style of Vitaly Appow and Olga Podgaiskaya, among the main RD composers, is well recognizable. So Not that city is the natural prosecution of a well established course, yet now more spontaneous, melodic, aching: the listener will be surprised by these sound alchemies, able to crystallize the moment, making it magic.

Post Tyrannica part III

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  1. One of the five best albums of 2013, in my opinion. (I've only heard about 100 so far.) I love the neo-classical, chamber rock stylings as well as the operatic feel the voices give it. Virtuosic and yet accessible and Romantic.