Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Arc Light Sessions "Perchance to Dream"

Country: Canada
Sub GenreSymphonic
Release dateJanuary 2015
1. Perchance to Dream....... (6:40)
2. ........Only To Awake           (3:38)
3.  There Will Come a Day    (5:31)
4  Through These Years       (2:59)
5. Please Let me Know  (5:52)
6. Eye of the Storm (3:31)
7. The Old Man and the Sea   (7:08)
8. The Ghosts of Winters Past  (3:42)
9. Jigsaw (3:01)
10. Deception Days (6:01)
11. Misunderstood (4:09)
12. Over the Horizon........  (4:51)
13. .......Till the End    (7:01)

John Alarcon: Piano, synthesizer, mellotron
Michael Dionne: Lead and backing vocals, lead guitar
Luc Tremblay: Flute
Joel Thomas: 12 string guitar
Peter Warren: Bass
Pierre Arsenault: Drums

Formerly working under the name Synthology, keyboardist John Alarcon released two albums in the early 2000's. Now 13 years later he is back working with other musicians to put together another progressive rock release which fans of the genre will hopefully enjoy. Perchance to Dream is an art rock/ progressive rock album with emphasis on keyboards and spacey lead guitar with just enough of a nod to the masters of 70's movement. (CDBaby.com)

The old man and the sea
The Ghosts of Winters Past
Deception Days

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