Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Reason "The Deception Of Dreams"

Country: UK
Genre(s)Hard Rock, Progressive Metal
LabelSkyrocket Records
FormatCD, digital
Release dateJanuary 26, 2015
01. Synchronized (To The Beating Of Your Heart) (6:51)
02. Sacrifice (5:15)
03. Fire Eternal (4:12)
04. Heartless (4:44)
05. September Child (5:12)
06. Nothing (4:09)
07. Revelation (5:40)
08. Star-Crossed (5:12)
09. Souldrift (9:34)

Paul Mace - Lead Vocals
Chris Gyngell - Guitar
Gil Hird - Keyboards
Graham Corbett - Bass
John Townsend - Drums

“Synchronized” with brilliant melodic riffs & progressive rhythm section & beautiful singing where strong mix clear, AERYON's keys & wonderful band's choir in refrain. This track is so much rebuild and this little hoarse vocal of singer give true charm to these sounds. I love so much these catchy melodies and fine guitar solo with impressive keys. “Sacrifice” with perfect sounds of bass, drums & mysterious keys, amazing refrain with choir of band on the background heavier massive guitars and progressive lines is played in perfectly way.
Potential hit “Fire Eternal” have pulsating drums together with gentle vocal of singer. Then full of strength of melody guitars attacks listener's ears & this catchy sound in wonderful chorus reminds me echoes of Hard Rock of '80. Worth on mention is fabulous guitar solo, which really make goose flesh and strong connection's guys to progression, which is listenable in rhythmical section. This song is very wonderful! Gentle keys, melody keys in EUROPE style, fast drums has IRON MAIDEN influences, fabulous chorus in choir in “Heartless” give true kick-ass, even with beautiful key solo! Oriental echoes with lower riffs in DIO / BLACK SABBATH style are in “Souldrift” where calmer rocking climate in refrain is gorgeous.
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