Friday, January 16, 2015

dAsh "Turning Vicious"

Country: Hungary
Genre(s)Progressive Metal, Fusion
Release dateJanuary 15, 2015
  1. Love You Till You Die 06:26
  2. You Can’t Outrun A Thoroughbred 04:58
  3. Moment 01:00
  4. See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil 06:28
  5. Remember To Be Good 05:00
  6. Voices 05:46
  7. The Dihydrogencarbonates 05:05
  8. Depressing Enlightenment 04:14
  9. Blinded By Scarlet Eyes 07:50
András Alexa - vocals
Zoltán Zurbó - guitar, vocals
Tamás Rubóczki - drums
Ádám Rubóczki - guitar
Péter Árva - bass

Opening track Love You Till You Die is a great introduction to Turning Vicious. Imagine if Twelve Foot Ninja opened for Veil of Maya, while on a festival with Slipknot, and members of all three decided to jam together. Do not let those names discourage you, though. dAsh is a beast all their own, and are by no means a clone of anything else out there.
You Can’t Outrun A Thoroughbred is instrumentally on the verge of tech-death, but is paired with pop-punk influenced vocals.Yes, pop-punk. I’m talking early Patrick Stump Fall Out Boy vocals, and you know what? It WORKS.
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