Friday, January 30, 2015

Callisto "Secret Youth"

Country: Finland
Genre(s)Post Metal
LabelSvart Records
FormatCD, vinyl, digital
Release dateJanuary 30, 2015 (Europe), February 2, 2015 (UK)
1. Pale Pretender
2. Backbone
3. Acts
4. The Dead Layer
5. Lost Prayer
6. Breasts of Mothers
7. Grey Light
8. Ghostwritten
9. Old Souls
10. Dam's Lair Road

Jani Ala-Hukkala - vocals
Juho Niemelä - bass
Ariel Björklund - drums
Arto Karvonen - keyboards
Tero Holopainen - guitar
Markus Myllykangas - guitar
Jani Rättyä - live percussion

Secret Youth draws on the strengths of all stages of the band’s career to find its energies, subtly tempering the heavier parts of their catalog with the more morose sounds found on Providence. The main tool utilized to achieve this goal is the album structure. Its crafted so that harsher, more aggressive tracks are well balanced by the drawn out and haunting melodies Callisto are known for. This is most evident at the album’s beginning where the first quarter sets the tone perfectly.
Opening with the frantic ‘Pale Pretender’, the aggression builds up to the end of the single ‘Backbone’, where the perfect growls are first introduced. Instead of continuing down this spiral of abrasiveness, the guitars are reined in in favor of the rhythm section with ‘Ashes’, a track who’s clean, drawling vocals would fit well on Noir.  Near the end of this track, passages abound which call to mind the band’s quietest album, Providence. Finally, the sound is drawn even lower with ‘The Dead Layer’, a bleak and ambient close to the album’s beginning.
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Pale Pretender

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