Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Lights & Motion "Chronicle"

Country: Sweden
Genre(s)Instrumental Post Rock,
LabelDeep Elm Records
Release dateJanuary 13, 2015
1. Fireflies (5:26)
2. Glow (4:16)
3. Antlers (5:08)
4. Reborn (4:07)
5. Northern Lights (2:02)
6. Particle Storm (4:36)
7. As The World Goes Away (4:35)
8. Paper Wings (2:15)
9. The Spectacular Quiet (3:51)

Christoffer Franzen - all instruments

The ability to strike emotion on a universal level, to touch the heart without words, to transport you to otherworldly realms in which anything and everything is possible...this is the power of cinematic post-rock luminary LIGHTS & MOTION. The level of emotional intricacy achieved by the band's braintrust, Christoffer Franzen, is nothing short of remarkable. And this is not only music you can feel, it's music you can see. Music is truly a work of art when an artist connects with the listener in a way that transcends the music itself. From the flawless guitar structures to the beautiful piano melodies, the ebb and flow of Chronicle is brilliantly orchestrated. Accessible, deep and totally captivating, the album picks your spirits up where all else has failed. It inspires feelings of awe and wonder. It calls to the depths of the soul where reverie awaits. It breathes new life into all who listen. And it further expands the band's sonic palette into bold waters with the dark Reborn and to new celestial heights with The Spectacular Quiet. A polished and perfected homage to everything that came before it, Chronicle is a stunning, glorious and triumphant album from start to finish. All done by one single, solitary man, working feverishly alone in a dark corner of Sweden. Chronicle anchors Lights & Motion as a post-rock point of reference, ensures the album's resting place among the highest echelon of post-rock releases and further justifies Franzen's spot on the short list of great cinematic songwriters.
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