Thursday, August 8, 2013

Zeptelar "El Color de las Cosas"

Country: Chile
Sub GenreJazz-Rock, Fusion
Release date: August 8, 2013
1. De la esquina a la plaza (4:50)
2. Futuros recuerdos (4:45)
3. 5 de 3 (5:21)
4. El color de las cosas (4:37)
5. Estrellazos (5:03)
6. Sangre (8:19)
7. Piletismos (2:01)
8. La pileta de pájaros gigantes (5:24)
9. Destapes (4:04)
10. Persecusiones (4:51)
11. Espejismos (6:23)

Camilo Acevedo - guitar
Valentina Mardones - voice
Felipe Morros - drums, percussion
Edmundo Castro - bass
Javier Portilla - keyboards
Tomás Carrasco - flute, saxophone

Fusing rock, jazz, and a light sprinkling of ethnic stylings, the group make an appealing sound that is easy on the ear. The compositions are mostly the work of guitarist Camilo Acevedo and feature the usually wordless scat-vocals of Valentina Maradones, often in tandem with flute, piano or both. The effect is a Latino jazz-infused take on the Hatfields when featuring The Northettes. Opener De la esquina a la plaza (From the corner of the square) commences proceedings at a canter, and immediately tight-knit and complex ensemble playing is well to the fore. Hints of the harder-edged tuneage to come are given by the slightly dissonant sax blowing in the middle of the tune. An infectious number played by a band obviously in love with their craft, De la esquina a la plaza is a good start.
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El color de las cosas


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