Tuesday, August 27, 2013

B'shnorkestra "Go To Orange"

Country: USA
Sub GenreAvant Prog, Chamber, Jazz
LabelPresent Sounds Recordings
Release dateAugust 27, 2013
1.Go To Orange 06:00
2.La Noche Negra 05:44
3.Skarkiselk 05:22
4.Zim 06:56
5.Move 06:32
6.Symposium 07:00
7.B'shnultimate 04:26
8.Pangkur 05:41

Joshua Kohl - conductor
Alex Guy, Alina To - violins
Brianna Atwell – viola
Maria Scherer Wilson, Daniel Mullikin – cellos
Jherek Bischoff, Tim Carey – upright basses
Samantha Boshnack – trumpet/flugelhorn
Chris Credit – alto/tenor saxophones
Tobi Stone – tenor saxophone/flute
Greg Campbell – French horn/percussion/drums
Adam Kozie - percussion/xylophone/drums
Lalo Bello – congas (tracks 1, 2, 7)
Paris Hurley – violin solo (track 2)
Megan O’Donoghue-Williams – vocals (track 8)
Sri Joko Raharjo – gender/ rebab (track 8)

The B'shnorkestra is a large ensemble featuring the work of composer/trumpeter Samantha Boshnack. Strings and percussions come together to create soaring melodies with sprigs of improvisation and undulating swells on the band's latest offering Go to Orange from Present Sounds Recordings. The band consists of musicians who bring to the table a diverse background ranging from modern jazz to classic rock, from salsa/Afro-Cuban to chamber music. Based in Seattle, The B'shnorkestra have a symphonic sound influenced by music made by local artists and world cultures.  
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