Saturday, August 10, 2013

Dead Letter Circus "The Catalyst Fire"

Country: Australia
Sub GenreProgressive Rock, Alternative
Label: UNFD
Release dateAugust 9, 2013
1. The Cure
2. Alone Awake
3. Burning Man
4. Lodestar
5. I Am
6. Say Your Prayers
7. The Veil
8. Insider
9. Lost Without Leaders
10. Stand Apart
11. Kachina

Kim Benzie – vocals
Clint Vincent – guitar
Stewart Hill - bass
Luke Williams - drums
Tom Skerlj - guitar, keyboard and percussion

Continuing the thematic and aural characteristics of This Is The Warning, "The Cure" opens with warm bass tones and fluttering guitar leads that immediately define the spacial ambiance that became a trademark for the band. The technical ability is all there, and enhanced, countering the fears that some had after the departure of long time guitarist, Rob Maric. Luke Williams sets the sporadic tone of "Alone Awake," with accented hits of each snare and kick combination that interlaces all other performances, though none are exactly on the same beat. This is not to say that the performances sound sloppy or poorly orchestrated, but more so mature and intricate so that each is individualized and highlighted. This is remarkable considering just how much the musical direction shifts gears within each track and throughout the album as a whole. Restrained grunge or refined post hardcore elements are employed to magnify instrumental goldmines ("Lodestar") while glossy guitars and electronic sub-tones can create space to let vocals take the spotlight ("Stand Apart").
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Entire album online (it seems available only in Australia)

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