Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Born Of Osiris "Tomorrow We Die Alive"

Country: USA
Sub GenreTech/Extreme, Progressive Metal
LabelSumerian Records
Release dateAugust 20, 2013
1. Machine (4:24)
2. Divergency (3:58)
3. Mindful (3:32)
4. Exhilarate (3:32)
5. Absolution (4:06)
6. The Origin (3:45)
7. Aeon III (3:55)
8. Imaginary Condition (3:12)
9. Illusionist (3:59)
10. Source Field (3:47)
11. Vengeance (4:10)

Ronnie Canizaro - vocals
Lee McKinney - guitars
Joe Buras - keys, vocals
David Darocha - bass
Cameron Losch - drums

Tomorrow We Die Alive relies more heavily on keyboard riffing than any other Born of Osiris record has before and it works in the context provided. Songs like "Machine," "Mindful" and "Imaginary Condition," for example, utilize the aforementioned quite a bit… but does it cut down on the presence of the band? Not particularly. Where the main complaint against the record has been the oversimplified chugging and constant rhythmic patterns (because I've done my homework on the reception of the record), it works in the context of the record; why lay down complicated guitars and muddy up the keyboard leads? Or even the reverse of that situation? The name of the game played on Tomorrow We Die Alive is context through and through when it comes to composition.
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Imaginary Condition


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