Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Paul Speer "Ax Inferno"

Country: USA
Sub Genre: instrumental Fusion
LabelRainstorm Records
Release date: August 13, 2013
01. Contents Under Pressure (Rock Mix) [05:00]
02. Accelerator (Rock Mix) [05:32]
03. Tornado Warning [04:39]
04. Vortex [04:59]
05. Helion Prime [04:57]
06. Powerglide [04:58]
07. Megatron [06:32]
08. Contents Under Pressure (Techno Mix) [05:00]
09. Accelerator (Techno Mix) [05:32]


Paul Speer - guitars, synths and bass
Ron Krasinski - drums (1, 2, 4, 7)

...on Ax Inferno Speer gets back to his rock fusion roots on a CD that echoes the spirit of Jeff Beck and Jan Akkerman. Like Akkerman’s post-Focus classics, Paul Speer makes the most of his programmed guitar-centric synth sounds and combines real drums to create the aura of a full band. Ax Inferno is filled with a range of jazz-rock instrumentals that blend in several tracks, and some are delineated as being a “rock mix” or a “techno mix”, yet Speer’s guitar work has the entire thing under control. Perhaps the key track on the CD is the lead off track entitled “Contents Under Pressure”, one of Speer’s greatest tracks. Atmospheric, electrifying and thoroughly rocked out, Paul Speer’s Ax Inferno is a boldly inventive CD that takes state of the art guitar-based rock fusion instrumentals to a whole new level. (mwe3.com


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