Monday, August 12, 2013

Mythery "The Awakening of the Beast"

Country: Denmark
Sub GenreSymphonic Progressive Rock/Metal
LabelMighty Music
Release dateAugust 12, 2013
01. Another Universe (05:26)
02. Epoch Of Destruction (04:31)
03. The Crusade (05:12)
04. Godforsaken (04:34)
05. The Awakening Of The Beast Pt. I: Overture (06:18)
06. The Awakening Of The Beast Pt. II: A Dark Epiphany (06:33)
07. The Awakening Of The Beast Pt. III: Awoken By The Fire (07:29)
08. The Awakening Of The Beast Pt. IV: Through Shadoweyes (05:11)
09. The Awakening Of The Beast Pt. V: The Words Of Salvation (06:21)

Laurits Emanuel - Vocals
Michala Høj - Violin
Mikkel Rosenbeck - Keyboards
Simon Rabenhøj - Guitar
Tobias Dall - Bass
Nikolaj Holger - Drums

This is classic Dream Theatre-worshipping prog territory that threads and weaves with the ease of a band that already have an album or two under their belts. Broadly speaking, if every debut album was as well written as this the barrier to entry into the battle field of prog metal would surely be a little higher. The most notable step away from the pack is the use of a lead violinist Michala Høj whose haunting presence is as pervasive as the other more standard instruments and a welcome addition. There are, just in case you were wondering, lots of jazz influences, piano interludes and a grand five part finale that no album with prog ambitions should ever be without. But there is a ridged backbone and commitment to song structure that all serves to raise Mythery beyond some of its short comings.
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The Crusade

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