Friday, March 13, 2020

Golden Caves "Dysergy"

Country: Netherlands
Genre(s)Progressive Alternative Rock
FormatCD, digital
Release dateMarch 13, 2020
1. Chromosome (4:21)
2. Dignity (4:24)
3. Hide & Seek (5:27)
4. Temperature (6:05)
5. How to Care (5:23)
6. Happy Dreams (6:18)
7. Samsara (5:25)
8. Little Lonely (4:45)
9. Black Hound (5:04)
10. Somehow (6:02)

Total Time 53:14

Alex Ouwehand: guitar
Romy Ouwerkerk: vocals
Elise Polman: keyboards
Erik Stein: drums
Tim Wensink: bass

“Dysergy” presents 10 tracks that take the listener through various forms of dark expression from a properly heavy component to a softer approach that puts the emphasis on an intricate and emotional performance. The element that gives this band their unique sound is definitely the ability to smoothly alternate between varying compositional elements while maintaining a natural flow to their songs and always keeping in touch with the desired vibe of each song. Without putting up any flashy display of technical showmanship, they still prove themselves very capable musicians in terms of actual playing performance as well as creative songwriting. Some songs are more energetic and greatly emphasize the rock/metal side of the music like for example the opener “Chromosome” or the single “Black Hound”, while others bring forth the alternative elements like various keyboard and synth sounds, layered vocals, clean guitars and electronic elements (See “Samsara” or “How to Care”).
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Black Hound

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