Tuesday, March 10, 2020


Country: USA
Genre(s): Instrumental Progressive Rock
Label: Lazy Bones Recordings
Format: digital
Release date: March 10, 2020
1. Liquid And Fumes (3:36)
2. Video 2. You're Not The Boss Of Me (2:58)
3. Call Of The Corn (5:39)
4. That Crawling Sensation (4:00)
5. Bitchy Hawk (3:58)
6. Johnson Figleaf (4:54)
7. It Was Delicious (3:36)
8. Elevation Day (2:50)
9. Magnificent 17 (2:53)
10. Prostate 911 (5:49)

Total Time 40:13

Mike Keneally (Frank Zappa, Joe Satriani, Devin Townsend) – Guitar, Bass, Piano and Noises
Scott Schorr – Drums, Percussion and Keyboards

... a “duet” in this case does not mean a stripped-down arrangement. Far from it, Mike Keneally and Scott Schorr are deploying a wide array of instruments and dubbing them in to create a full combo effect. And a tight combo, at that.
In fact, Keneally’s slap bass in some kind of funked-up syncopation with Schorr’s drums is the most noticeable thing about “Liquid and Fumes,” not Keneally’s still-excellent guitar work. Here, though, you find his penchant for being able to walk the thin line between catchy pop phrases and edgy dissonance. And then Keneally uncorks a succinct and succulently evil guitar solo in the middle of it all, and in the span of less than four minutes you get a pretty good sampling of the immense talent both bring to the table.
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