Friday, March 20, 2020

Into The Open "Destination Eternity"

Country: Netherlands
Genre(s): AOR, Progressive Rock
Format: CD, digital
Release dateMarch 20, 2020
1. Origins (2:16)
2. Birth (5:40)
3. Once (5:51)
4. Back To The Days (4:19)
5. Nostalgia (2:46)
6. Purpose (4:30)
7. Judgement Day (9:49)
8. Eternity (4:59)
9. Ride The Wind (7:28)
10. When The Crowd Is Gone (6:00)
11. Half Song (3:40)

Total Time 57:18

Sander Heerings (Wane of Summer, The Dust Connection) – keyboards
Jan Willem Ketelaers (Knight Area, Ayreon) – lead & backing vocal
Robert Spaninks (The Last Element, The Dust Connection) – drums
Ronald Martens (Up The Irons) – guitar
Martijn Balsters (The Dust Connection, Up The Irons) – guitar
Frank Strokap (Symphonic Rock Night) – bass
Maria Catharina (Robby Valentine, Anyday) – vocals (9)
Marcel Coenen (Ayreon) – guitar solo (9)
Kim de Beer (Symphonica in Rosso) – violin (7)

‘Birth’ follows and it encapsulates everything great about this band in a six-minute package. The driving beat from bassist Frank Strokap is like a pulsing heartbeat that works well with Robert Spaninks’s drumming to drive the track on with energy and purpose. The lead guitar melodies over the top are catchy right from the off and the whole thing has a cheeky, irresistible groove. Naturally, Sander Heerings’s synths are all over this song, but they never remain static, changing guise, from sweeping vistas to tinkling piano notes. The verses are a more minimalist affair with just the bass, drums, synths and Ketelaers’ vocals, which suit the soundscape down to the ground, being mellifluous yet strong. The chorus is simply gorgeous, as the guitars re-enter, providing further texture and some welcome power. This is rock after all! Naturally, there’s a lead guitar solo or two, as well as twin guitar harmonies that give me chills.
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