Saturday, March 21, 2020

Quel Che Disse Il Tuono "Il Velo Dei Riflessi"

Country: Italy
Genre(s): Symphonic
LabelAMS Records
FormatCD, digital, vinyl
Release date: March 20, 2020
  1. Il Paradigma Dello Specchio (Primo Specchio)
  2. Figlio Dell'Uomo (Secondo Specchio)
  3. Chi Ti Cammina Accanto? (Terzo Specchio)
  4. Il Bastone e Il Serpente (Quarto Specchio)
  5. Loro Sono Me (Catarsi)
Francesca Zanetta (Unreal City) - guitars
Niccolò Gallani (Cellar Noise) - keyboards, flute
Roberto Bernasconi - bass, lead vocals
Alessio Del Ben - drums, keyboards

A positively delicious album brimming with the treasured hallmarks of the genre, the foursome... marry the sound and feel of past greats with a modern edge, and manage to produce an appealing symphonic blend that feels familiar, but not stale. All of the aspects we love are here: the twists and turns, the dynamic arrangements, the compelling melodies, and oh my, all those vintage keyboards… simply glorious. Purists will also take comfort in the fact that the words are sung in Italian, and truth be told, that’s as it should be. There is a natural passion to singing in one’s own native tongue that cannot be replicated when delivering (or in some cases, awkwardly stumbling over) translated lyrics.
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