Sunday, October 13, 2013

Solid Ground "Open Silence"

Country: Montenegro
Sub GenreProgressive Rock, Fusion
Release dateOctober 13, 2013
  1. Inner Voice 03:58 
  2. The Only 05:40 
  3. Minotaur's Dream 04:27 
  4. Waiting To Be Found 07:02 
  5. Inhale 05:01 
  6. Open Silence 06:55 
  7. Panic 03:19 
  8. Inner Voice pt.2 06:00 
  9. Liberation 05:22
Andrija Pejović - Guitar/Vocal
Ivan Pejović - Bass/Guitar/Vocal
Strahinja Kovačević - Trumpet/Organ/Keyboard/Vocal
Nikola Vicković - Drums
Tamara Brajović - Vocal

Album contains nine tracks,and from the first to the last song the jazzy mood sets in, with the piano and the trumpet deftly upheaving the jiving bass and drums. The songs are clear, undoubted modern form a jazz-rock mixing. Album shows its strength in a wise and light way, alterning between stronger rock almost metal passages and coming back and forth to the jazzy effects which make the instrumental, guitar driven part of the song even more interesting. This is a feeling I get around the whole album, it vanishes from a style to jump deftly into another one. Rarity that this band gives me with this album is usage of trumpets and electrifying female voice, as well as experimental electronic fusion effects. (progarchives.com)

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