Saturday, October 26, 2013

1974 "1974 & The Death Of The Herald"

Country: USA
Sub GenreProgressive Rock
Release dateOctober 26, 2013
  1. The Great Galactic War 03:13
  2. Phantoms 04:30
  3. Herald Of Life 03:15
  4. Building An Empire 03:51
  5. Essential Arms 04:49
  6. A New Beginning 06:05
  7. Vera 04:40
  8. Admiral Tackett 04:59
  9. The United Earthlands' Assembly 04:15
  10. A Dark Thought 03:02
  11. Abduction 05:22
  12. Ultimatum 03:36
  13. Death Of The Herald 09:06
Mike Forgette - Guitars, Vox
Tim Moore - Drums, Vox
Gary Dionne - Bass, Vox
Adam Clymer - Guitars
Angela Piccoli - Keys

1974 & The Death of the Herald exists to be heard from start to finish. In true prog fashion, there are odd time signatures, vast tempo changes, and flourishes of the musical absurd that often times is best enjoyed by only lovers of the genre. But the difference between 1974 and the other bands of prog is in the voices. Four different singers, all gifted, always catchy. Not since Queensryche’s Operation: Mindcrime has there been a concept album with so much guitar balanced with so many sing-a-long moments that will find you humming the melodies endlessly.
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  1. This album is absolutely mindblowing!

  2. Holy shit! I can't believe how good this sounds