Monday, October 14, 2013

The White Kites "Missing"

Country: Poland
Sub GenrePsychedelic, Pop
Release dateOctober 14, 2013
  1. Arrival 05:17
  2. The Foreigner 04:11
  3. Stowaway Sylvie 05:32
  4. Percival Buck 02:10
  5. Beyond The Furthest Star 06:44
  6. Should You Wait For Me 03:18
  7. Turtle's Back 06:08
  8. When Will May Return? 04:11
  9. Clown King 03:29
  10. Pause For Thought 00:58
  11. The Missing 02:14
  12. Farewell 06:13
Sean Palmer - vocals
Bartek Woźniak - guitars
Przemek Piłaciński - guitars / citole / recorders / percussions
Jakub Lenarczyk - keyboards / recorder
Paweł Betley - flute
Piotr Olszewski 'Diabelsky Bassdeluxe' - fender bass
Jakub Tolak - drums

On Missing, the pop ingredients are plentiful, but take a backseat to The White Kites fondness of prog. Granted, it’s more accessible prog over histrionics, informed by the pop sides of Caravan, Genesis, Kevin Ayers, Floyd, and The Zombies to cite a few. The Beatles of course are no strangers, but they might be under the guise of Mr. Kite here, lending a baroque flair to the songs. It’s a heady mix, cutting a pretty wide swath in regards to influences and touchstones, but by no means a grab-bag. The White Kites have the chops to back up their aspirations.
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