Thursday, October 31, 2013

Rise of Avernus "L'appel du vide"

Country: Australia
Sub GenreProgressive Doom Metal
Release dateOctober 31, 2013
1. A Triptych Journey
2. The Mire
3. Disenchanted
4. L’appel du vide
5. Ethereal Blindness
6. Embrace the Mayhem
7. An Somnium
8. As Soleness Recedes

Ben Vanvollenhoven - Vocals & Guitar
Cat Guirguis - Vocals & Keyboard
Andrew Craig - Drums & Percussion.
Matthew Bell - Guitar & Orchestral arrangements
Daniel Warrington - Bass & Vocals

Translated as ‘The Call of the Void’, L’appel du Vide is a French existential phrase that does not quite exist in the English language, although can be best explained as the urge some people get to jump when they are close to the edge of a cliff. A fitting title when juxtaposed with the music, more specifically the orchestral and piano arrangements laid out in L’appel du Vide, as these emotions are masterfully conveyed throughout the album and it is obvious a lot of thought has gone in to the arrangements on each and every track.
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A Triptych Journey


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