Monday, October 14, 2013

Blue Touch Paper "Drawing Breath"

Country: Multinational
Sub GenreJazz, Fusion
LabelProvocateur Records
Release dateOctober 14, 2013
1. Attention Seeker
2. Isadora
3. Heaven
4. Suddenly A Tango
5. Juggling With Strangers
6. The Joke
7. Fair Is Foul
8. Watch Out
9. Drawing Breath
10. Neon Shadows
11. Yes But No
12. 48 Prefabs And Forks No. 60

Colin Towns (Mask Orchestra) keyboards
Mark Lockheart (Polar Bear, Loose Tubes) saxophones
Chris Montague (Troyka, Kit Downes) guitars
Benny Greb (Stoppok, Ron Spielman) drums
Stephan Maass  (Kruder & Dorfmeister, Randy Brecker) percussion & electronics
Edward Maclean (Peter Fox, Nils Wülker) bass

Continuing the Blue Touch Paper soundscape, Drawing Breath once again demonstrates an adventurous, visionary and powerful way forward, something we have come to expect from band-leader Colin Towns. Although the trademark cinematic moments, elements of jazz, rock and classical music are present as they were on ‘Stand Well Back’, Drawing Breath demonstrates a developing energy within the band, with powerful compositions that continue to push the band forward both technically and creatively. This is a remarkably textured album too, full of unexpected turns and contrasting moments of terrific energy and stillness that is quite breathtaking.  
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Fair is Foul
Drawing Breath

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