Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fragments Of An Empire "Gimel"

Country: Austria
Sub GenrePost Rock
LabelPumpkin Records
Release dateOctober 20, 2013
  1. 12 days absence 01:59
  2. Interaction 13:12
  3. Gilead 11:50
  4. 100 steps 11:50
  5. Chant of birds from afar collapsing in the mist of my skinny chords 03:39
  6. Destruction (of dark cyborgs) 10:09
  7. In the lake there´s a mountain 12:45
Daniel Gutmann – Guitar
Armin Poglitsch – Drums, Glockenspiel, Piano, Choir on "In the lake there´s a mountain"
Werner Wohlgemuth – Bass, Piano, Choir on "In the lake there´s a mountain"
Klaus Wohlgemuth – Guitar, Choir on "In the lake there´s a mountain"
Armin Klampfer, Christian Pirchheim, Elisabeth Hütter, Lisa Kaufmann, Renate Walter, Silvia Wohlgemuth: choir on "In the lake there´s a mountain"
Julia Kaufmann, Konstantina Risovalis, Lisa Kaufmann, Susanne Klampfer: vocals on "100 steps"
Silvia Wohlgemuth: Glockenspiel on "Gilead"

Performing and combining different styles – such as post-rock, shoe-gaze and basic elements of classical and contemporary music – they have already released three albums and one EP since 2006. Although the atmosphere of the compositions is kind of dark and gloomy, the marching rhythms and polyphone tunes evoke a deep inner tremor. In other words, the songs have a certain drive. In addition to the main instruments – two guitars, one bass and drums – they utilize the piano and glockenspiel creating their individual sound architecture.
For the third album the band has been working with a choir as well as with an upright bass. Hence, listening to some of the new material, the recipient may distinguish new influences inspired by jazz and math-rock. During their live performances the audience is faced with coherent sounds of harmony and rich dissonances, which is multiplied by their powerful and intensive performance.


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