Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Operadyse "Pandemonium"

Country: France
Sub GenreProgressive Metal
Label: Marquee Avalon/Sonic Attack/SPV
Release date: September 18, 2013 (Japan), November 19/25, 2013 (rest of world)
  1. Rise - 1:41
  2. Celestial Sword - 4:57
  3. Unfold Legend - 4:02
  4. Keeper of the Flame - 3:36
  5. The Path - 5:51
  6. Fairies Secret Garden - 5:06
  7. Arkanya - 4:54
  8. Pandemonium - 6:21
  9. Nevermore - 6:04
  10. Frozen - 2:57
Franck Garcia - Vocals
Bastien Sablé - Keyboards
Damien Marco - Guitars
Emmanuel Colombier - Drums
Stéphane Lambert - Bass

Drawing to mind similar recent projects like Fogalord and perhaps Galderia, I find Operadyse outstanding for its sheer buoyancy. This is not, as some may say, “yet another Rhapsody clone”. Please. If that statement were true of half the bands accused of it, we’d be dwelling in a cesspool of artistic stagnancy – and that is hardly the case. Pandemonium, the album’s title, should be interpreted in the most jubilant, energetic way possible. Often a generally uplifting, almost martial power metal beat (“Unfold Legend”), Operadyse nevertheless varies its formula more than you might think, featuring variety in the mystique of “Fairies Secret Garden”, a sudden black metal lapse in “Keeper Of The Flame”, and the absurdly joyful strains of “Nevermore”. 
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