Thursday, September 19, 2013

AstroVoyager "ElectrOpera - Act 02 - Modulations"

Country: France
Sub GenreElectronica, Rock opera
Release dateSeptember 19, 2013
  1. Modulation, Pt. 1 - 5:03
  2. Modulation, Pt. 2 - 3:10
  3. Modulation, Pt. 3 - 3:14
  4. Modulation, Pt. 4 - 4:17
  5. Modulation, Pt. 5 - 3:43
  6. Modulation, Pt. 3 (Not Another Dream Mix By Destillat) - 5:06
  7. Modulation, Pt. 1 (Not Another Ghost Mix By Destillat) - 5:43
  8. Modulation, Pt. 3 (Not a Hot Mix By Destillat) - 4:48

Philippe Fagnoni

A real electro-acoustic opera in four acts (one per year between 2012 and 2015) where the baroque rubs shoulders with the abstract, opening a new dimension to the imaginary voyage and inviting you to explore time and space accompanied by the sounds that rhythm our lives. Added to the electro waves, the celestial purity of a Diva's voice, the velvety layers of a string quartet and the depth of a mixed choir, are the sounds of church bells. But make no mistake, because here is very much the symbolism of the original sound that counts; the first sound landmark of man, the ringing out of a warning, the sound that calls people to come together, the sound that guides.

Modulation, Pt. 5

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