Friday, September 27, 2013

Empty Days "Empty Days"

Country: Italy
Sub GenreAcoustic Progressive Rock
Release date: September, 2013
01 Two views on flight
02 Ankoku                              
03 Words lurking
04 Kurai                                  
05 Flow my tears
06 Ananke                              
07 Running water
08 The ghosts of dawn          
09 In darkness let me dwell
10 A knife under the pillow    
11 Coming back home
12 Waiting for the crash        
13 A dark vanessa
14 This night wounds time

Francesco Zago (Yugen, Zauss, Ske, Not a Good Sign) - guitars, mellotron, bass
Paolo «Ske» Botta (Yugen, Ske, Not a Good Sign) - keyboards
Jacopo Costa - vibes
Elaine Di Falco (Hughscore, Combat Astronomy, Thinking Plague) - vocals
Maurizio Fasoli (Yugen, Nichelodeon, Not a Good Sign) - piano
Bianca Fervidi (Not A Good Sign) - cello
Pat Moonchy - electric zen garden
Rachel O'Brien - vocals
Giuseppe A. Olivini (Yugen) - percussion

7 songs, 7 instrumental pieces. 7 vocal melodies hanging on a delicate acoustic texture, and 7 brief abstract scenes. With the collaboration of various Yugen’s members, Francesco Zago focuses on song form and lyrics, building around Elaine Di Falco’s unique voice a sonic thread made with acoustic and electric guitars, piano (Maurizio Fasoli), vibes (Jacopo Costa) percussions (Giuseppe Olivini) and thin layers of electronics (Paolo Botta, Pat Moonchy). Two famous pieces by John Dowland complete the cd, reminding the distant but crucial legacy of English songs from XVII century. A delicate collection, sometimes dark and forlorn, with an extreme attention to timbrical and dynamical nuances and musical breath.
Words lurking
This Night Wounds Time

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