Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Yossi Sassi Band "Roots and Roads"

Country: Israel
Genre(s): Progressive Rock/Metal
Format: CD, digital
Release date: May 25, 2016
1. Wings (4:57)
2. Palm Dance (4:51)
3. Root Out (6:13)
4. Mr. NoSoul (2:15)
5. Madame TwoSouls (4:02)
6. The Religion Of Music (4:52)
7. Winter (8:20)
8. Thundercloud (2:23)
9. Road Less Traveled (5:36)
10. Rizes Kai Dromoi (3:52)
11. Bird Without A Tree (3:55)
12. Stronger Than Ever (3:34)
13. The Explorientals (Bonus Track) (4:38)
14. Madame On Steroids (Bonus Track) (4:17)
15. Quarter To Rizes (Bonus Track) (4:26)

Total time 68:11

Yossi Sassii – Vocals, Guitars (Electric, Nylon-String, Acoustic, 7-Strings), Bouzoukitara, Bouzouki, Charrango, Oud, Saz, Chumbush, Keyboards
Or Lubianiker – Electric Bass
Shay Ifrah – Drums
Ben Azar – Guitars
Sapir J Fox – Vocals
Roei Fridman – Percussion
Zaher Zorgatti ( Zgaw Zagalo )- Vocals (6)
Bumblefoot – Guitar solos (2)
דיאנה גולבי - Diana Golbi – Vocals (3)
Roy Zu-Arets – Piano
Yoav Efron - Keyboards
Bob Katsionis - Hammond and additional keyboards
Ariel Qassis – Kanun
Daniel Hoffman – Violins
Itzhak Ventura - Arabic, Turkish and Persian Ney
Danielle Sassi - Flute
Yankale Segal – Fretless Bass
Perel Muter – Lap steel, Diddley bow
Harel Shachal – Clarinet
Dan Piloni Kark, Jonathan Jacobi, Liron Schaffer – Choir

Fans of Jimmy Page’s ‘Guitar Army’ approach to composition and arrangement will instantly fall for Roots and Roads. The first moments of Wings immediately introduce the core of what Yossi Sassi refers to as “oriental rock,” multiple string-based timbres merging into glorious melodies while a solid rock groove holds everything down. It’s tempting to listen repeatedly to that track’s intro alone; there’s so much going on that you’ll find yourself picking up fresh subtleties each time you go back. Wings is also a vocal-led track – an interesting choice for someone primarily known for their six-string skills – and a very cool piece of songcraft.
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Palm Dance
The Religion of Music

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