Saturday, May 7, 2016

Dead Register "Fiber"

Country: USA
Genre(s): Post Rock/Metal, Gothic, Doom
Label: AVR Records
Format: CD, digital, cassette
Release date: May 6, 2016
1. Alone (9:22)
2. Fiber (6:48)
3. Drawing Down (8:03)
4. Grave (7:09)
5. Entwined (4:54)
6. Incendiary (7:27)

Total Time 43:43

M. Chvasta - Vocals, Bass VI, Bass
Avril Che - Bass Synth, Keys, Textures, Vocals, All Visuals
Chad Williams - Drum Kit

The inability to pin down the Dead Register sound is almost as enjoyable as the music itself and the expansive web of flavours making it up. The Atlanta trio weave a tapestry which seems simultaneously made up of essences from gothic and death rock, post punk and dark pop, doom and post rock and more. As shown by debut album Fiber, the richness of those textures is a genre crossing emprise of craft and imagination. Yet there is something easily accessible to its busy body of imagination igniting invention and atmospheric drama too, an almost familiar presence which still defies recognition. The result of it all is a release which has a uniqueness few can emulate and a fascination which simply seduces ears and emotions.
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