Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Sithu Aye "Set Course for Andromeda"

Country: UK
Genre(s): Instrumental Progressive Djent Metal
Format: CD, digital
Release dateMay 4, 2016
1. Space Cadet (1:53)
2. Set Course For Andromeda!!! (8:37)
3. Constants And Variables (8:28)
4. Spiral (4:20)
5. Beyond The Boundary (8:34)
6. Transient Transistors (7:55)
7. ...We Actually Made It To Andromeda!!! (6:14)
8. The Andromedan Pt I: A Single Step (5:24)
9. The Andromedan Pt II: Mystic Village (6:32)
10. The Andromedan Pt III: Trials Of The Elements (4:04)
11. The Andromedan Pt IV: The Darkness Within (2:38)
12. The Andromedan Pt V: Rebirth (6:11)
13. The Andromedan Pt VI: Mother Of Creation (4:14)

Total Time 75:04

Sithu Aye
Jake Howsam Lowe  - Guitar solo (2)
Yvette Young - Violin (2)
Stephen Taranto - Guitar solo (3)
Luke Martin - Piano (4)
Plini - Guitar solo (4)
David Maxim Micic - Guitar solo (5)
Aaron Marshall  - Guitar solo (6)
Mark Holcomb - Guitar solo (7)

Sithu describes the first disc as a diverse assortment of songs that are meant to be jarringly different from each other. Though each song is distinctly Sithu Aye, this album spans a variety of genres and moods. The majority of these seven tracks are epic in length, with the majority clocking in around eight minutes. In these extended song structures, Sithu‘s work evokes influences as diverse as David Bowie, Myrath, Periphery, Polyphia and Intervals. Though each song on the record is strong in its own right, personal favorites include “Constants and Variables” and “Beyond the Boundary.” These songs are journeys of their own, moving from the typically upbeat tone of Sithu’s work to darker and more diverse moments.
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