Friday, May 6, 2016

Spider Kitten "Ark Of Octofelis"

Country: UK
Genre(s): Psychedelic, Doom
Label: Undergroove Records
Format: CD, digital, cassette, vinyl
Release date: May 6, 2016
Side 1
1. Underestimating The Consequences Of Effective Propaganda (Pt. One) (1:01)
2. Feline Will (22:02)
Side 2
3. The Ark (4:40)
4. One From The Heart (6:10)
5. Hymn (2:49)
6. Duplicitious (1:40)
7. Launch (5:37)
8. Underestimating The Consequences Of Effective Propaganda (Pt. Two) (2:02)

Total Time 46:01

Chi Lameo - Vocals, Electric Guitar, Synth, Piano
Chris West - Drums, Bass, Vocal, Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Synth, Ukulele, Percussion
Rob Davies - Acoustic & Electric Guitars, Vocals, Organ, Piano, Synth
    With on Feline Will:
Alex White - Bass
Jimmy Rowe - Vocals, Guitar
Lucy Raine - Vocals
Chelsea Enness - Vocals

Split into Side 1 and Side 2 it clocks in at a sweet 46 minutes or so and leads you through a trippy head-rush, with its psychedelic prog.
Side 1 basically hosts 2 tracks, the sprawling ‘Underestimating The Consequences Of Effective Propaganda (Part One)’ and the mostly excellent ‘Feline Will’. The former settles you down comfortably in a 70’s infused living space as it gently caresses your soul with a meandering bass and subtle keys before it morphs effortlessly into the latter, continuing the laid back vibe.
Research will tell you that Spider Kitten have previously dabbled in the Doom genre, however there is no hint of that with side 1 on ‘Ark of Octofelis’ which is purely progressive, demonstrating where the band have ‘become a different band overnight’.
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