Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Virgil Donati "In This Life"

Country: Australia/USA
Sub Genre: instrumental, Fusion, Progressive Metal
Release date: July 23, 2013
01 - Rhythm Zero
02 - Eleven
03 - In This Life
04 - Red Air
05 - Paradise Lost
06 - The Fall Of Dreams
07 - Iceland
08 - Trinity
09 - Voice Of Reason
10 - The Empire


Virgil Donati
Doug Shreeve, Marco Sfogli, Dennis Hamm, Alex Argento, Brett Garsed, Irwin Thomas, Alex Machacek, Paul Sherman, Anthony Crawford, Tom Kennedy, Jeff Babko, Rafael Moreira, Simon Hosford

Being an album by Virgil Donati one can easily anticipate some of the most breathtakingly articulate rhythms with enough energy to fuel a rocket ship and enough force to demolish a building. With musicians of this caliber we’re talking about compositions that change how we look at music.
In This Life is a challenging progressive metal work of art filled with dark, moody chords and melodies that give the feeling that you’re floating in space. The guitars lock in tightly with Donati’s drums, and the lead solos range from melodic and spooky to finger bending and mind blowing.  Here we have a compilation of music that pushes the boundaries of human capability, not just in what Donati himself has proven capable of, but also what the league of primed and exemplary musicians that accompany him throughout the album. ( guitar-muse.com)

Red Air

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